CSI “Hitting for the Cycle” Review

CSI "Hitting for the Cycle", Season 11 Episode 18 – CSI returned this week with a very appropriately named episode with "Hitting for the Cycle". CSI have been repeats these past few weeks, so I’m sure it wasn’t a coincidence that it’s returning on opening day with a baseball related title.

However, the title does not refer to hitting a single, double, triple, and a home run in the same game as it does in baseball. In the CSI world, it means investigating a suicide, homicide, accidental death and natural death in the same shift. It was fun, if not a bit unsettling, that everybody had this side bet goingthroughout the episode. While it’s a bit morbid for everybody to be hoping that somebody would die of a natural death, it added some interesting rapport between the team that is so sorely missing from many procedurals nowadays. Just read my reviews of Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior to see a good example of a show that does not do a good job creating rapport among the cast members. Read More...



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