EAGLEHEART “Get Worse Soon” Review

EAGLEHEART "Get Worse Soon" Episode 1 – Eagleheart, the new live action series produced by Conan O’Brien’s Conaco Productions, premiered tonight with "Get Worse Soon" and I imagine thatEagleheart is what would happen if Walker Texas Ranger was written for a Japanese B-Movie fan base.

Within the first three minutes there’s a hilariously choreographed leap frog fight scene, four gunshot deaths, instantaneous human disintegration by airplane propeller and the beating of a dead body with a dismembered limb. If that doesn’t set the tone of this show, I don’t know what else could.

Chris Elliott’s wonderfully odd sense of humor is perfect for the role of Marshal Chris Monsanto. With his blonde beard and hideous wig that seems to take on a different style in every shot, he looks remarkably like Chuck Norris and plays this character as only Elliott could. He deadpans the most ludicrous lines with such sincerity that you’re laughing while at the same time cheering on this gun slinging lawman in his ridiculous pursuit of the Eagleheart brand of justice. Read More...



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