EAGLEHEART “Me Llamo Justice” Review

EAGLEHEART "Me Llamo Justice" Episode 4 – Although tonight’s episode of Eagleheart, got off to a slow start, "Me Llamo Justice" made up for it’s somewhat clunky opening by devolving into complete randomness that was so unexpected that it was difficult to not laugh.

After four men carrying ventriloquist dummies across the United States/Mexico border to "entertain" at a "birthday party" are gunned down in a bloody massacre, Marshall Chris Monsanto decides he’s taking his team south of the border to bring Eagleheart justice to Mexico. I loved Monsanto’s line after the magician in the magic shop is explaining how the dummies are being used to transport drugs across the border. Suzie, who had been suggesting logical courses of action since the very beginning, asks if they’re going to contact the D.E.A. to handle this. Monsanto responds that they’re going to find Saldivar and make him "D.E.A…. D." It’s even better because Monsanto looks around as if he’d been waiting to tell that joke for a while. Read More...



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