EAGLEHEART “Death Punch” Review

EAGLEHEART "Death Punch" Episode 5 – It looks like I got exactly what I asked for in this week’s episode of Eagleheart. Last week I ended my review saying I’d like Monsanto bring more vengeance with his fists, and as I had hoped, Death Punch is all about Monsanto’s fists of fury.

When Chris, Brett and Suzie break into the warehouse, I loved that the guys had to go the difficult route through a broken panel while Suzie easily found the door conveniently labeled "pull." It’s even better that Brett watches Monsanto go through the trouble of going the difficult way, then notices Suzie motioning to him about the door and then still opts to go in through the broken panel. Monsanto is Brett’s idol and no matter how stupid it seems, Brett will follow what he does.

They waste no time (after Chris takes a bite out of a brick of cocaine, of course) to get into the action. A fight scene quickly ensues with plenty of punches, but none as awesome as the death punch. The wind up to Monsanto’s death punch is funny, but the destruction it leaves in it’s wake, is hilarious. I laughed out loud the moment Monsanto’s hair blew back in a fury of blood and vaporized flesh. Read More...



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