EAGLEHEART “Chris, Susie, Brett and Malice” Review

EAGLEHEART "Chris, Susie, Brett and Malice" Episode 7 – In tonight’s episode of Eagleheart, Chris, Susie and Brett are witnesses to an assassination by the Albanian mafia which forces them to go incognito at a suburban safe house.

The minute I saw Susie and Chris mundanely sitting at the dining table inside the safe house, I was reminded of one of my favorite episodes of The X-Files, "Arcadia". In it, Mulder and Scully go undercover in a suburban neighborhood – similar to Elmwood Park – to investigate a series of disappearances. For a brief moment, this episode of Eagleheart actually seemed to parody that episode of the X-Files as the two protagonists take on the role of a married couple and respond to the prying questions of noisy neighbors with smart ass replies and saccharine sweet smiles.

The rough parallels between the two episodes come to a screeching halt, of course, the moment Brettwalks down the stairs in a bath towel and is introduced as the third member of their polyamorous arrangement. Nobody can pull off that creepy smirk like Brett and I absolutely loved his whole scene with him staring blankly at the terrified neighbors like it was the most natural thing in the world. Chris also had a fantastic moment when he was trying to invite the neighbors to join him in their "sex sandwich" by putting on a seductive face with a wink that instead just made him look like he had an uncontrollable facial twitch. Read More...



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