EAGLEHEART “Susie’s Song” Review

EAGLEHEART "Susie’s Song" Episode 8 – On tonight’s episode of Eagleheart we discover that Susie’s got a blinding passion for assassins – or as Doc Shades explains, she’s got "regis adophelia, or as it’s known on the street, Lou Gehrig’s other disease."

After Susie releases him from an altar of a sacrificial ritual to have the zoning commission approve a deck, Arnold Blanth becomes Susie’s admirer/stalker. Arnold is completely psychotic and I liked that her co-workers all misinterpreted his cat hearts in a box as something sweet except for Chris, ofcourse, who seemed to be annoyed that this was all happening in his office on his time. After Arnold assassinates Secretary of Transportation, Charles Folger, something comes over Susie and she can no longer see Arnold Blanth for who he really is. She sees this glossed over rebel-without-a-cause bad boy that she can’t resist and runs off with him instead of arresting him.

Governor DanJoshi Conti returns in this episode of Eagleheart to cooperate in a scheme set up by Chris Monsanto to lure Arnold Blanth out of hiding. Because Susie is losing interest in him without a new political assassination, Arnold appears just as Monsanto had expected. Brett’s rage after discovering that Arnold had just shot a mouse (because the governor was wearing a bullet proof vest lined with mice) was hilarious and I loved that Brett has had no issues in all the episodes ofEagleheart watching people dramatically killed, but an unseen mouse death is deserving of his uncontrolled rage. Read More...



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