EAGLEHEART “The Human Bat” Review

EAGLEHEART "The Human Bat" Episode 9 – In tonight’s episode of Eagleheart we get a better idea of how a person like Brett might have a career in law enforcement. Simply, he’s used as a human baseball bat.

Before getting into the plot very much, we find out that Chris Monsanto has had some kind of history with stabbing female body builders. As he’s slicing through the canvases of priceless stolen artwork, he tries to explain to Susie that "artwork is like female body builders; splendidly beautiful on the outside, but full of drugs on the inside." Susie looks on with horror but doesn’t stop him as he destroys art that could in no way be hiding drugs. When he tried to slice through another canvas – that so obviously had nothing behind it – and looks at the camera in frustration, I totally cracked up. There’s something about the way he looks right into the camera that’s always funny without him having to say a word. Read More...



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