Beelzebub Episode #10 - Review

Sometimes the similarities between Oga and Beel are priceless, especially at the beginning here when Oga's introducing the gang to his favorite croquettes only to have one swiped out of his hands by a cat. Beel wants to try it but his fury is matched by Oga's over the situation as they watch what happens. Amusingly enough, the cat is quite taken with Oga in a similar way to Beel at the start and there's even a very cute moment where the cat latches onto Oga's other shoulder, giving him even more to carry. The cat, at least for now, becomes a new addition to the household that manages to win over Hilda with his cuteness, something that none of the men expected to happen in the slightest.Having Beel go up against the cat is very, very cute, especially when they have their duel in the park and he's got his cape on and everything. Beel definitely knows who he is and his power, but he's still unable to really take on a position of power. The show does take an amusing turn though when he has to team up with the cat as a whole lot of strays and the like, the outdoor cats, come to make sure they both know whose territory they're in. Oga's role in it is great as the cats see him as a demon that even threatens meowing cats. Being a good dad though, he does it in a way that lets Beel think he got away with it rather than Oga being the one. It's a cute little bonding moment that even brings Beel and the cat closer together since the cat thinks it was Beel that frightened them off. This is just a far too adorable family. Read More...


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