Naruto: Shippuden Episode #205 - Review

Madara's involvement in things has been an interesting angle on everything as he's now made his way to the Five Kage meeting and actually provides some explanations. There's a sense that nothing good can come from what he's planning with his 'Project Tsuki no Me,', which is a given when it comes to the Akatsuki, but what's confusing the more elder members among the group is why he's taking such a roundabout method for his plans since it's very unlike him to use others in the way that he has. Even more surprising is that he actually reveals that he's something of a shell of his former self, a strange admittance, and that's why he's on the path he's on. Madara essentially reveals the plans he has and the goal, though you know there is likely to be more to it and that he's manipulating the Kage here and those that obey them. Read More...


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