Grey's Anatomy 7.18 "Song Beneath the Song" Review

So Grey’s fans, that was the big Grey’s Anatomy musical event that we’ve all been waiting for! I’m anxious to hear what you all think!

Let me first say that Sara Ramirez’s voice is spectacular! It’s no surprise given she is a Tony award winner, but having not heard her sing before (with the exception of our previews of this episode) her pipes were pretty phenomenal. Kevin McKidd (Owen) and Chandra Wilson (Bailey) also did some nice vocal gymnastics last night. The rest of the cast left a little to be desired but ah well not everyone can be an actor and a singer. I guess, that’s what auto tune is for.

That being said…I should tell you that I didn’t particularly enjoy the music in tonight’s episode. I found it was rather distracting and felt out of place with the intensity of the storyline.


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