REVIEW - AMC's The Killing is Superbly Crafted, Mesmerizing

AMC’s The Killing begins with two women running. One, Sarah Linden (played by Mireille Enos), is running for sport – floating along a nature path with a confident and measured gate, breathing in equally measured cadence, and not even breaking a sweat. Watching her closely you can see that she is in control, aware, yet somewhere inside is giving it all she’s got. The other, Rosie Larsen, is anything but focused and measured. She is powered by instinct and adrenaline; lurching forward with bursts of energy broadcasted straight from the peak of pure desperation. She stumbles, gets back up, and reaches urgently through her gasping breath and failing muscles for more energy to move forward – but it’s obvious it isn’t there. Back and forth we go between these women, one running at night and one in the morning, until Rosie’s plight merely ends with a cutaway as Sarah comes upon the beach of a pond – and a dead animal submerged partially in the mud. For all her running, Sarah is still calm, collected, and curious. You can see the calculations taking place, she’s not astonished by the presence of the animal, or disgusted, she’s working it out – how it got there, how it died.. Read More...


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