'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' season finale recap: I am Wookiee, hear me roar!

At last, we have the mighty Chewbacca.

In the epic two-part season finale of Star Wars: The Clone Wars last night, everyone’s favorite Wookiee finally made his debut. But "Padawan Lost" and "Wookiee Hunt" didn’t just offer up a furry guest-star. They featured some of the most complex animation The Clone Wars has given us yet—and a thought-provoking look at whether the Jedi can maintain their ideals when cut off from civilization. Needless to say, it whet our geeky appetites for season 4, which supervising director Dave Filoni promises will "hit the ground running" in the style of the recent action-driven multi-part arcs.

But first, we head to Felucia, neon-colored jungle world and, along with Mygeeto and Saleucami, part of what Chancellor Palpatine declared to be the Separatists’ "Triad of Evil." (Sound familiar?) It seems battle never ends on Felucia—previously we saw the planet in all its Day-Glo glory when Ahsoka and Anakin had to retreat in "Holocron Heist" and when they helped defend a village against Hondo Onaka and his pirates in the Seven Samurai homage "Bounty Hunters." This time the alliterative duo teamed up with Plo Koon to storm a Separatist base before General Grievous could send reinforcements. Read More...



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