Kids' Choice Awards 2010: Jack Black sings, Johnny Depp slimes and more Best & Worst


One month after the regrettable end of award season, we get one glorious hour-and-a-half return of the arbitrary kudo. OMG, it's the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 2011!So whether you're a kid, a curious adult in need of a recap or, like us, someone over the age of 17 watching electively and feeling like a total creep for it, here are some musings on the highlights and lowlights of the whole squee-filled, slime-covered, seizure-inducing thing:We respect a good Monster Truck joke as much as the next guy, but did Jack Black really need to open the show by destroying two perfectly good limousines? Let's teach the children well... At least he sang. Are we insane for thinking his mass-choreographed "I Got a Feeling" wasn't totally lame?The Black Eyed Peas did show him up, though. And their performance certainly eclipsed their awkward turn at the Super Bowl. We just wish we knew where to buy those light...


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