Castle Slideshow: When The Chemistry Between Castle And Beckett Is So Sizzling, It Almost Burns Through Your TV

We all know Castle is a show that has an outlandish, bizarre premise at first glance. A writer shadowing a NYPD Detective for research, going to crime scenes and chasing bad guys? Right, totally would happen in the real world. But that’s just the thing with Castle. Even though it has a farfetched plot, the characters make up for it and the chemistry between the two leads just makes you want to come back for more week after week.

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t watch Castle for the cases. What is great to watch – for me, at least – is the swordplay, that playful banter between Castle and Beckett and the ever present sexual tension hanging over every scene. It has been amazing to see how they have evolved from strangers in season 1 (with Beckett barely tolerating him) to something very close to best friends in season 3. Read More...


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