American Dad Season 6, Episode 14 Recap

'American Dad' - 'School Lies'

On 'American Dad,' the B-story was still in effect, but only marginally so. My favorite bit of it was when Roger was giving Stan directions to the crack house he left the Senator's daughter in and the truck drove by with Steve and the other Chica Fricas in it. There is a lot going on in that sentence. Let's break it down.

Stan was frustrated that he wasn't getting more high-profile work at the CIA and was advised by Bullock to put his career ahead of his family. In attempting to do so, he befriended a Senator. The asbestos problem at Steve's school was a pretty transparent plot device to create a scenario by which Stan and the Senator could connect. His daughter already goes to the private school Steve switched to.

It's when Roger filled in for Steve, after Steve threatened to go wolf-man, that the lunacy began in earnest. I loved the bit when Roger came home from his first day of school and casually mentioned that he'd sold the Senator's daughter to a drug lord. Read More...


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