'Nurse Jackie' Gets 'Enough Rope' Recap

In the latest episode of "Nurse Jackie," Jackie and Kevin walk Fiona and Grace to school, for Fiona’s first day. As other students skip double dutch, the teacher tells Fiona that the other students will be excited to meet her.

In Akalitus’ office, she too is attempting rope skipping, as she studies a photo of her idol, Michelle Obama, in full jump. Zoey interrupts, saying she has a complaint. The Maternity ward nurses have been stealing all of the good plastic gloves. Akalitus tells her to steal them back, but Zoey is afraid that she’ll be caught and not able to dissemble if questioned. Zoey, spotting the jump rope, can’t resist a turn, and she effortlessly plies the ropes.

As Jackie nears the hospital, she spots a skateboarder ‘accidentally on purpose’ startle and trip up an elderly patient. She, just as accidentally, elbows the skater so that he falls. Jackie finds the skateboarder being tended to by O’Hara, who says that Jackie blindsided him. O’Hara says, yes, that’s what Jackie does, she blindsides. Read More...



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