'Law & Order: UK' 4.05 'Help' Review

What did we learn from this week's Law & Order: UK? Don't walk around alone at night. Nothing good happens when you do. Namely, you might find your brother's dead body next to his car. It looks like Robert Nichols was the victim of a robbery that went even more wrong...but since when is anything on this show what it looks like?

It doesn't take Matt and Ronnie long to track down a suspect: Mike Jones, who's predictably described by his priest as "a really good guy" and who stopped to help Robert change his flat tire. Needless to say, he's incredibly uncomfortable when being questioned about how he's the last guy to see Robert alive. Things get worse for Mike when his boss debunks his alibi. On the day of his wedding, Mike gets arrested for murder. In the interrogation room (I love how British interrogation rooms are so much bigger and brighter than ours), he freaks out and lets slip that a third person was there: Don Marsh, a well-known mobster who likes to have people shot in the back of the head. No wonder why Mike's about to cry. Read More...



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