MILDRED PIERCE (HBO) Part 3 - Mildred goes on a roller coaster of melodrama you can’t help but sink into as she faces the morning after Ray’s death and then moves on with her life in the third part of HBO’s MILDRED PIERCE.

This much quicker installment of Mildred Pierce takes us through the grief over losing Ray and through Mildred opening her restaurant and falling deeper into a relationship with Monty. The pacing is much better as this chapter ebbs and flows into a tumultuous climax. All the characters are well used and there are some nice touches to solidify the era-we learn Mildred’s political views, for example.

Poor little Ray. She was the sweet child, the one who actually loved her mother, and now she’s gone, leaving Mildred with only the hateful, insatiable Veda. What does it say about Mildred that if forced to choose, she would prefer to lose Ray than Veda? What need drives Mildred to constantly seek Veda’s phantom love and approval? There are times I want to shake Mildred for her undying devotion to her wretch of a daughter, especially when you can clearly see Mildred knows she’s a demon seed. Of course, it’s that paradox of Mildred’s business savvy and personal foolishness that makes her so darn fascinating. Read More...


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