CAMELOT (Starz) “Homecoming” Review

CAMELOT (Starz) "Homecoming" Episode 1 – Last night was the official premiere of the new Starz series CAMELOT. I’ve been excited for this show since I saw the initial previews, and couldn’t wait for it to start. The legend of King Arthur and Camelot is one that I love, and I was curious to see how Starz would make the legend interesting again.

I reviewed the first episode when it ran in February; and fell in love with the show instantly. In this second episode, Arthur is still not yet king, but he’s getting there! After Lot murdered Arthur’s "foster" mother (I hesitate to use the term "foster", but will for lack of a better word) Arthur takes some time to himself, when Guinevere appears in the exact way that she did in a dream that Arthur had. She won’t give Arthur her name, and disappears when Arthur meets back up with Merlin. Read More...


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