BLUE BLOODS “To Tell the Truth” Review

BLUE BLOODS "To Tell the Truth" Episode 18 – Danny witnesses a shooting and not only leaves his family worried about him being shot, but also about testifying against a guy who’s known for making witnesses mysteriously disappear before they can show up in court.

We quickly find out that while other families may have a fire plan or, as in the case here in California, an earthquake plan, but the Reagans have a just-in-case-someone- is-being-threatened-by-a-drug-kingpin-go-to-grandpa’s-house plan. And just as I was thinking that the threat to Danny’s family was going to be enough drama for this episode, his wife is kidnapped/

Now you’d think that a show that featured one sibling getting attacked by a serial rapist in a previous episode would be taking things too far to have another sibling’s wife kidnapped by a drug kingpin in the same season. But Blue Bloods is so good at what they do that it doesn’t come off that way at all. This show is about these characters and how close they are as a family, throwing them into these awful situations gives us a glance at how well they all work together and help each other through the rough times. Read More...


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