GENERATOR REX “Outpost” Review

GENERATOR REX "Outpost" Episode 29 – This week’s episode of Generator Rex sends Rex and Bobo on a mission to work with Providence in the Amazon to stop the Green Fist organization from releasing captured EVOs.

There was a nice dose of humor sprinkled throughout this episode. I liked Agent Martello’s casual attitude and even though he was simply using Bobo’s official agent name, I laughed every time Martello called him "Agent Haha." I also liked Rex’s interaction with the townsfolk in the bar. The local specialty, Horchata Anejo made of rice passed through the digestive system of a monkey, sounded absolutely disgusting, but it sure was funny watching Rex try to drink it and then explosively spit it out. The local townspeople in that bar all seemed unusually strong but maybe it’s because they all drink that horchata. Read More...


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