Camelot: "Camelot" Review

The second half of Camelot's two-hour premiere improved on the already exciting neak preview of the first half we saw back in February. The second hour dealt with some of the more iconic representations of the Arthurian Legend, including the Sword in the Stone, which is handled brilliantly, and Guinevere, who takes on a slightly different role in this retelling. 

Camelot wasted no time getting to the iconic Sword in the Stone sequence. This time, the actual quest to get to the stone was made that much more difficult by putting it at the very top of a waterfall that Arthur must scale. Visuallly it's a fantastic sequence. There is one great shot that has the camera pulling away fromJamie Campbell Bower, showing his scale next to the majestic waterfall, and emphasizing his dangerous journey to the sword.  Read More...


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Apr 5, 2011 10:45AM EDT

Love Eva Greene in the part and Fiennes as Merlin, but I'm hating Jamie Campbell Bower as Arthur. He's just awful. Wrong look, wrong voice, just awful.

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