Firefly Recap: Season 1, Episode 3


Image Credit: Sidney Baldwin

"Bushwhacked" — the third episode of Firefly’sonly, abbreviated season -– contained one of the late, lamented cult classic’s most haunting moments. With his rickety smuggler’s ship about to be boarded and searched by The Alliance, Mal decided to hide fugitive siblings Simon Tam and River from the authorities by sealing them up in spacesuits and stowing them outside. Simon – skeptical that mere "Mylar and glass" could protect him from the "nothing" of space – shuddered in fear. Incapable of even peeking at the infinite star-dotted expanse at his back, the buttoned-up doctor kept his eyes focused on Serenity’s steel hull like a quivering acrophobe terrified of looking down. Not so his sister. Gazing into the abyss, River’s face to lit up with rapt wonder. The "nothing" seemed to quiet the agonizing chaotic riot of her broken internal world. Noting her spacey-mystical bliss, Simon shivered some more and clung harder to Serenity’s battered iron. Read More....


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