Firefly Recap: Season 1, Episode 4

Week Three of Science Channel’s Firefly revival brought us a "Shindig," a lighter, more playful affair than the bleak thriller that was "Bushwhacked." I wasn’t blown away by "Shindig" when I first saw it back in the day, and perhaps Fox wasn’t, either. During the original 2002 run of Joss Whedon’s sci-fi/western, "Shindig" was the third post-pilot episode produced but the sixth episode that aired, losing its spot in the intended order to "Our Mrs. Reynolds," aka The One That Had Joan From Mad Men In It. Episodes like "Shindig" that fell more on the oater axis ofFirefly’s sci-fi/western mash-up tended to feel the most contrived to me. If these future humans were advanced enough to fly spaceships, terraform inhospitable planets and play 3-D virtual reality billiards, why did they insist on living all Little House On The Prairie-ish on their colonized rocks? Ironically, my "Huh?" bafflement was similar to the Mal moment in "Shindig" when he arrived at the Jane Austen-goes-Bonanza high society soiree of the episode’s title and tried to make sense of the anti-gravity chandelier undulating in the rafters: "What’s the point of that, I wonder? I mean, I get how they did it. I just ain’t seeing the why." Read More...


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