'Dancing With the Stars' Diary: Spills, thrills and a new gig for the 'Lost' smoke monster


Zap2it's weekly "'Dancing with the Stars' Diary" offers fans a backstage pass to everybody's favorite only reality competition that throws celebrities at the mercy of that fickle mistress we call dance.It's Story Week on "Dancing With the Stars," and of all the tales of love, struggle and loss... nothing tugged on our heart strings quite like the parable of Sally Frosty Knickers and the Tin Man. Len Goodman (the Tin Man, per our cherished Tom Bergeron) spent most of the episode showing his lack of a heart -- raining on parades, handing out low scores and being his curmudgeonly self. But during one of his not-so-senior moments, praising Chelsea Kane's Cha Cha Cha about her first love, he revealed the unbecoming moniker of his own first love. Sally Frosty Knickers.Oh Brits, you never cease to amaze and intrigue us. But that isn't all there is to talk about tonight. Oh no. Dancers fell over! Unlikely...



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