'Dancing With the Stars' recap: The Grim Weeper

New slogan? Dancing With the Stars: A long way from sleeping in Wendy Williams' car. Hmm. Nope, I still prefer Margaret Cho's summation of the series as "the gayest thing that ever happened." The ballroom has yet to prove her wrong!

Last night's assignment: Pick songs relevant to your life and tell a personal story through THE MAGIC OF THE BALLROOM. Did I sound like Tom there? No. Basically it was rumba night, but instead of being all about sex, it was about dead relatives. I wonder if we'll have a do-over rumba night ("WHERE THE BALLROOM MEETS THE BEDROOM") or maybe a theme week just called Happy Thoughts, to make up for such a grim show. But at the same time, the week 3 performance night was an amazing chunk of television. Sometimes I didn't think the raging smoke machine could keep up with the steady stream of tears. And Maks fell! Talk about burying the lead. What an ass. What a night. Let's do this, shall we? Read More...



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