MAKE IT OR BREAK IT “Free People” Review

MAKE IT OR BREAK IT "Free People" Season 2 Episode 12 - While I’m glad that MAKE IT OR BREAK IT is whittling down the huge topics that were first introduced at mid-season, it seems like they are already wrapping up storylines. Have they actually addressed any of the issues yet? On several points, tonight’s episode "Free People" seems to have already swept the sawdust out the door.

Lauren’s friend Darby Conrad, a free spirit in heels (at the gym), is hired as The Rock’s new coach. OMG, Darbs and LoLo! This could get old quickly, especially if Darby never learns to make a decision or to actually coach. What does this mean for Sasha? Is he gone already, after just the goodbye to Kim in the last episode? Read More...


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