CASTLE “Slice of Death” Review

CASTLE "Slice of Death" Season 3 Episode 20 – No one is who they seem to be or who they used to be or should be in this episode. First there are no less than four Nicks who claim to have the most terrific and authentic pizza in town. When a body is found in one of the ovens, everyone assumes that it has to do with the ongoing battle between the foursome, but it turns out to be much more mysterious and nefarious than that. It all boils down to a reporter who nearly blew the whistle on a drug dealer who everyone has heard of, but no one has ever seen and she wanted things to stay that way.

Several times in this episode, characters said the same line: "This isn’t me." This struck me as interesting as of course each time they said it, they were talking about things they did that were unlike them – none more so than Alexis, after she gets into an actual fist/slap fight with a former friend at school. But I also found it interesting because in the end, the person they caught wasn’t being herself either, she was being the mysterious "Cavallo." Read More...


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