BEING HUMAN “You’re the One That I Haunt” Review

BEING HUMAN “You’re the One That I Haunt” Episode 11 – There is an eerie stillness before the sky cracks open… You can feel the storm gathering. When you know you are going to die a violent death, it is all about the waiting for the storm to come. And there is a storm gathering on BEING HUMAN. Sally is still suffering from the after effects of the exorcism, Aidan is a little on edge after his encounter with Bishop and the Dutch and Josh… Poor Josh.

I have this sense of impending disaster, for all of them.

Nora is not doing as well as maybe she should be in the first blush of pregnancy. Sally has gone a little vengeful; Danny is her target, but she feels better after she slits his throat a little. Josh, in addition to his concerns for Nora, is having a little problem keeping Aidan calm. It’s when he takes Aidan out for a walk to cool off that Aidan sees his one-time love, now an older woman in the hospital for palliative care for cancer. Read More...


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