Which Show Has Hotter Vampires: True Blood or The Vampire Diaries?

Who Are The Hotter Vampires?

For all you guys practicing analogies for the SATs: Eric is to Damon as Stefan is to Bill. Eric and Damon totally have that bad guy with a sensitive side thing going on. They’re sarcastic, violent, and in love with their vamp frenemy’s women.

Stefan and Bill, on the other hand, are total pansies with a dark side. OK, maybe Bill’s dark side is a bit more deranged, but they’ve both tried to eat their girlfriends. When it comes to being emo, both of these boys get an A+. Bill can’t go five minutes without crying blood tears, and Stefan keeps an entire closet-full of journals. Maybe Bill will get inspired — we can totally see him scribbling, "Dear Diary, today I half-murdered my vampire mother-lover and then drained a hooker."

Damon, Stefan, Eric, and Bill obviously have a lot in common, but when it comes down to it, who would you let suck your blood? A couple of bros who love draining innocent teens, or a Civil War vet and a Viking King? It’s up to you! Read More...



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Jan 19, 2013 1:48PM EST

True blood i think is way better story line i think,
hope this show stays going for a couple of seasons...:)

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