Body of Proof Review: "Helping Hand"

As I'm realizing how much I'm thoroughly enjoying the characters on Body of Proof, "Helping Hand" has Megan finally noticing how little she knows about them. The best part is, she does something to try and change that and the results are both comical and touching.

Elena Rosas was a smart, hard working young woman who helped a lot of people in her short career. Megan was an important influence in her life. Ironically, Megan doesn't even remember that they'd met.

When Megan has to open the skull of the dead woman before she notices that she was a former patient, her lack of observation and caring for the living finally hits her. She recognizes the work she did on the woman's brain but not the woman herself. "I can't remember Elena Rosas as a patient but I can remember her as a surgical procedure?" However awkward, I love that Megan makes an effort to change her behavior. Read More...


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