The Good Wife Review: A New, New Day

I had to chuckle when Stern said "A new, new day. Sounds like you have one of those every few months." That statement seems the slightest bit meta, since The Good Wife seems to tout game changing events on a semi-regular basis.

Louis Canning's arrival as the successor to Stern's firm, during "Wrongful Termination," would have had more impact had it not been revealed in the previews, but every time Canning is around there are surefire antics to be had. This time was no different. I honestly didn't care that much about the trial itself, that of a large corporation guilty of trying to induce employees to voluntarily leave in order to fleece the pension fund, because I was more interested in the fluctuations that the death of Jonas Stern caused in the attitudes and thinking of those affected. Read More...


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