'Dancing With the Stars' recap: Radio Silence

On Tuesday night's Dancing With the Stars, talk show host Wendy Williams was swiftly nudged out of the stable of contenders and can now spend all of her time being busy and important in a different city. Her elimination came as no surprise, even to Wendy. "Despite stereotypes, this is one black girl who can't even do the Running Man," she admitted while Maks geared up to execute his own Running Man for the next few minutes. Thigh spasm or no thigh spasm, when the Running Man calls, a Pro answers. To celebrate all of her magical time with Tony in the ballroom, Wendy then promptly left her partner standing center stage while she ran over to fondle some random audience members in the front row. We all show how much we care in such different ways.

What will Wendy miss most about the show? "Craft services," she told EW. Ho, hum. I could have sworn her answer would be "to wear giant mirrorball rings with purpose." And big news: Tony Dovolani's developing a series with The Golf Channel! Teachers will be challenging Our Pro to hit the ball as well as Golf Pros. Will he be able to handle non-Pro status? Not if he can help it, which I guess is the point of this golf show: Tony Dovolani is a Pro at all things. Anyway, I am so not into golf, but I would obviously watch that. Read More...



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