'Lights Out' - 'War': Reviewing the series finale

"Lights Out" just finished airing what turned out to be its series finale. I interviewed showrunner Warren Leight about the season, and I have a review of the finale coming up just as soon as I sing with Jay-Z at the victory party... "Think of everything we did to get here." -Lights

As Leight says in the interview, "War" wasn't planned in any way as a series finale, but (like the last episode of "Terriers" before it), it works surprisingly well as one. Lights and Death Row have their big rematch, which Lights wins in improbable but not implausible fashion. And both before and after the title fight, Lights and the show pause to reflect on most of the key events of this season: the compromises and mistakes and well-meaning gestures that put Patrick Leary back into a boxing ring when he had no business further endangering his fragile brain. Lights has a nightmare vision of most of this season's literal fights, and he and Johnny go back and forth on what they've done and what they need to do, and Lights even goes to confession to beg divine forgiveness for his many misdeeds.  Read More...



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