BODY OF PROOF “Helping Hand” Review

BODY OF PROOF "Helping Hand" Season 1 Episode 3 – At first the very clinical style of the autopsy room and the way Hunt did her examination, kind of turned me off. I mean there’s a reason I don’t watch actual autopsy shows on The Learning Channel. That stuff is just a little too real for me. Give me the comforting silver drawers and blue smocks of Ducky’s lab on NCIS any day. But now that I’ve watched a couple of episodes and gotten to know the characters and how they work, I appreciate the room and the methods.

I’m not saying I’m gonna go start watching those real autopsy shows anytime soon, but at least it’s a start.

In this episode Hunt struck out on the task of getting to know her co-workers. This happens first off because everyone else on the team seems to know exactly why Bud is in a bad mood except her and also because of their victim. Turns out that the woman was a former patient and while Hunt can remember every detail of the girl’s surgery, she’s disappointed when she realized she doesn’t know a single thing about the girl herself. When she finds out that the girl was inspired by her to do good in the world, that in turn inspires Hunt to try a little harder too. Read More...


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