THE GOOD WIFE “Wrongful Termination” Review

THE GOOD WIFE "Wrongful Termination" Season 2 Episode 19 – I know many of you may think that this episode marks the glorious return of both Michael J Fox’s amicably ruthless Louis Canning and Denis O’Hare’s hippie Judge Abernathy, and they were great, but they were not the reason to watch this episode. No, I’m not saying that Cary discovering Kalinda’s past affair with Peter was the reason to watch this show either. Nor were Eli Gold’s unsuccessful attempts to strangle the Democratic leader the main reason why everyone should watch this episode of The Good Wife.

Okay, I’ll stop being annoying. Well, I’ll stop being completely annoying. The reason you all should have watched The Good Wife comes down to Mr Mom’s talking lion speakers. If they submit thisepisode, I’m pretty sure that scene with secure an Emmy for Best Comedy Series for The Good Wife. It was genius.

The main case had to do with a company who treat their workers like crap so they won’t have to pay severance. This leads to several workers committing suicide, one in his cubicle at work. Read More...


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