NO ORDINARY FAMILY “No Ordinary Beginning” Review

NO ORDINARY FAMILY "No Ordinary Beginning" Season 1 Episode 20 - It’s hard to believe that this may be the last time we see NO ORDINARY FAMILY. The show was starting to come together in the past few episodes. And I have found it to be fun and enjoyable to watch, though it seems others have not. Tonight’s "No Ordinary Beginning" pulls out all the stops to end the season. Working together, the family’s powers are at their strongest as they try to find a kidnapped JJ.

Global Tech CEO aka Helen Burton aka Mrs. X fires an obsolete Dr. King for being too soft. A desperate Mr. Litchfield glares for his last time.

Shocker! Dr. King needs trilsettum to survive cancer, but he doesn’t have powers, except -oh I don’t know- not being able to die!

Ben, the electric man, gives JJ a Harry Potter-style jolt of electricity on his forehead. Jim gets back at Ben for that. Read More...


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