PARENTHOOD “New Plan” Review

PARENTHOOD "New Plan" Season 2 Episode 20 - Dealing with any change, especially bad change, is tough and some Bravermans make worse choices than others do in the "New Plan" episodeof Parenthood that finds prom, home buying, playwriting, and mother-daughter bonding on the docket.

Let’s start with the happiest story of the night. How adorable is Haddie when she asks Alex to prom? By the way, when did we drop "the" and just make it "prom?" Regardless, it’s a treat to see them so happy and young just enjoying being together. I also love the scene with Alex, Haddie, and Amber hanging out. After the Steve debacle last season, I wasn’t sure we would ever see Amber in the same room as one of Haddie’s boyfriends, so Haddie arranging a double date makes my heart swell.

Oh, my, is Adam tightly wound for much of the episode. When Kristina is downright relaxed in comparison, you know there’s a problem. I always feel uncomfortable when a dad seems too invested in his daughter’s potential sex life, but I have to say, that is hilarious rant (with spot-on reactions from Kristina) about prom sex. It may be a cliché, but it became one for a reason, as we see tonight. I hope Alex and Haddie were safe and that we can have a responsible teen sex storyline without pregnancy or disease. I love how nonchalant she is talking to her parents (really, Adam-you remember having sex on prom night but you still think curfew would be a deterrent?) and her little smile at the end. Oh, and as adorably entertaining as the awkward dates meeting the family pre-prom ritual is here, I think I’m grateful boarding school means I missed that. "What, is he going to attack me and steal my beer?" Ha! Read More...


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