No Ordinary Family: "No Ordinary Beginning" Review

The story ramps up this week as Helen Burton, CEO of Globaltech, takes matters into her own hands and has J.J. kidnapped in hopes of solving the puzzle behind permanent super powers. The Powells are really put to the test in this season, most likely series, finale and have to work together to save each other. The frenetic pacing was clearly trying to make up for the suddenly shortened season. Despite how quickly the story moved, it was surprisingly not that difficult to follow. It was a little strange to see Dr. King show up in the room where the Powells where being held so quickly after entering the complex. That could have used another shot establishing that he was close to where they were being held. In fact, he seemed to know exactly where everyone was being held. In the next scene he's opening Joshua's door and setting him free, then in the scene after that he's opening Jim's door. You can see the re-writes but the narrative didn't suffer for it.  Read More...


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