The Event: "You Bury Other Things Too" Review

This week's episode of The Event started off with a very cool scene where we experienced the NTBs' teleportation effect from the inside, as we rode along with Sophia and the rest on the sole-survivors from last week's bus massacre. Bathed in blue light and hurtling forward at untold speeds, the bus suddenly comes to a stop smack-dab in the middle of the NTB gated community. It's a great little sci-fi moment. Never mind that the sci in the fi is a little wonky. (Why isn't the bus moving anymore once it arrives at the other end of the portal since it was doing like 60 miles-per-hour when it first entered the spatial vortex? Maybe Chief O'Brien worked his transporter magic?) The bottom line is that things on The Event are actually, occasionally, working both conceptually and dramatically. More on that second part in a minute, but as for what's still not working… Let's talk President Martinez.  Read More...


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