Director Jon Favreau Talks COWBOYS & ALIENS at WonderCon

Director Jon Favreau talks COWBOYS & ALIENS at WonderCon 2011 slice

Almost as soon as Jon Favreau left the WonderCon stage after premiering nine minutes of great-looking footage from Cowboys & Aliens, he came backstage to talk to the press.  Before going any further, if you missed Matt’s write up of the presentation and a recap of the footage, I’d starthere.

Since I only had a few minutes to talk to Favreau, I decided to ask him how he choose what footage to show and how they designed the look of the aliens, which he revealed at the very end of the footage.  As Matt said of the alien, "He was a bulky sumbitch with big spiky teeth.  He kind of reminded me of the troll from Fellowship of the Ring but more muscular and rough-hewn.  Think of an angry gray gorilla with sharp teeth and no fur and you’re kind of getting there." Read More...


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