Your Highness - Review

Your Highness, Danny McBride, ... | GET YOUR QUEST ON James Franco, Zooey Deschanel, and Danny McBride in Your Highness

The intended audience for Your Highnessrequires no professional guidance to spot thehigh in the title. Marketed as an oeuvre de wackfrom director David Gordon Green of the magnum stoner comedy Pineapple Express and starring Pineapple stalwarts Danny McBride and James Franco, with medieval garb on loan, perhaps, from Monty Python and the Holy Grail,Your Highness is just what the TV ads imply: a rude, raunchy, violent mess of a fake olde fairy tale, available for the toking, er, taking. So far, so good, right? But real laughs without toking are, woe and alack, far scarcer than thisPineapple fan had hoped for in a screenplay from the estimable McBride (Eastbound & Down) and his pal/co-writer Ben Best. Read More....,,20479671,00.html


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