Reviews: ‘Foodies’


A send-up of obsessive food culture, Foodies pits everyman Porter (Sean Hankinson)against his fiancee Moose’s overbearing, hipster friends, who gather each week to eat snooty food together, largely so they can go home and blog about it later. A show about a group of pretentious jerks who meet weekly to fawn over exotic recipes sounds promising, but based on the pilot, I’m not sure I have any desire to spend more time in this world.

This show is, to but it bluntly, filled with hate, and to be honest, I found it off-putting. Porter hates these ludicrous hipsters and doesn’t want to be there. The hipsters hate Porter because he’s an uncultured swine. And there you have it. There’s nothing redemptive about it, and it just starts to feel mean-spirited. Read More...


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