Hey! It’s ‘The Zooey Deschanel Show’


I met Zooey Deschanel once. She was volunteering at the ASPCA on Manhattan’s Upper East Side and I was looking to adopt a dog. One of the questions in the adoption application is "What are you looking for in an animal?" I wrote down, "Inner beauty and a kind soul." Zooey laughed when she read it. Then we got married, but I had to jet because I was too scared she was going to eat my soul. That’s when she met Ben. Later she would describe that period in her life as "decided by fate." But I digress…

Based on my 120-second or so interaction with the real deal, I can tell you aspiring LA-based actor and improv comedian Noel Kristi Wells does a great Zooey Deschanel impression. It’s not Adam-Sandler-impersonating-Axl-Rose amazing, but it definitely works. See for yourself on The Zooey Deschanel Show. Read More...



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