Chris Jericho: I Call It 'Dancing With Some Scars,' Week Three

Exclusive: Pro wrestler Chris Jericho guest blogs about the emotional performance he dedicated to his mother on 'Dancing With the Stars.'
As a performer, there's a goal I set out to accomplish every time I step onto the stage. Whether it's making people cheer (or boo) in the WWE, having people sing along to my songs with Fozzy or engaging people with my books, there's a certain magic that comes with knowing that you've affected people.
When I first agreed to do 'Dancing With the Stars,' after two previous invitations, I really had no idea what I was getting myself into. The concept of ballroom dancing was as foreign to me as a Werner Herzog film, and I had no expectations of what I could or couldn't do on the floor. Would I actually be able to do it? Could I entertain people with my moves, my charisma and my showmanship? And, more importantly, could I make them feel something special while they watched me?


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