America's Next Top Model: Team Brittani or Team Alexandria?

We finally had our first real fight on this cycle of America’s Next Top Model and boy was it a doozy unlike the type we’ve seen since weaves were drowned in alcohol and granola bars mysteriously vanished.

Granted, it was the same sort of "real vs. fake" argument that seem to be the cornerstone of reality television, but still, it was pretty entertaining stuff.

Can I mention how off the Brittani bandwagon I am? Coming into this week, she was far and away my favorite model this cycle, but after seeing the type of immature, bratty display that she put on this week, I’m not rooting for her to win anymore. In fact, I think her winning the show would be detrimental and it would feed into the "all models are catty and jealous" stereotype that Tyra has fought hard to disprove through this show. Tyra makes a big thing about how a top model needs to be a role model for girls and unless Brittani makes a serious about face in the back half of the season, I don’t see her being anything close to that. She may be able to serve some serious face when she wants, but Brittani needs to grow up and realize that being a top model (or an adult, really) means working with people you don’t like and never alienating people you work for. Read More...


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