'Survivor' Merge Recap: The Blind Side, Part 2: History Repeating

It's that glorious, wonderful time of theSurvivor season: the Merge! The two tribes become one, individual immunity reigns supreme and Redemption Island is over, for now. While Matt wins and comes back into the game, Redemption Island will start again. But there's no way history can repeat itself, right? Wrong. 

The Final Duel

Everyone comes to Redemption Island for the final duel, which tells them that the Merge is happening and the winner will reenter the competition. Matt and Sarita have to stand on tiny footholds and keep themselves up, which puts Matt at a slight disadvantage since he just cut his foot. Or it's an advantage, since he seems to have a bandage around the cut which looks like it might actually help him.

During the duel Phillip continues his streak of talking about the samurai code, making everyone laugh a little. And then, for the sixth time in a row, Matt wins. He won every single duel, eliminated all six castaways and now gets a chance to play again.

But Redemption Island isn't done quite yet. Starting with this episode, it starts again. How much longer can it last? At some point being on Redemption Island might be a good thing since your fate is in your own hands and you don't have to deal with everyone else until you're almost at the end. Read More...



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