TV recap: 'Survivor'

The other humorous element of this Tribal was David going out of his way to mention how he threw the puzzle in the Immunity challenge way back when so that everyone on Ometepe wouldn’t think he was stupid because he was bad at puzzles — and instead just stupid because he threw a challenge that eventually allowed Ometepe to go up in tribe members at the merge. Phillip also said something crazy that involved deceit and parasites, but I think I was too hypnotized by the red eyed tree frogs all over the Tribal Council set to understand what the hell he was getting at.

When all was said and done, Ralph had wasted the idol by giving it to Mike who received not a single vote, and Matt was blindsided — again. In voting off Matt, Rob had sent all his tribe's votes to the one person they were confident would not be using a Hidden Immunity Idol while also stomping out a potential threat to flip and someone that could possibly get more votes than him in the finals. As David himself had to admit, "Genius is what that was." Read More...


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