CRIMINAL MINDS “Hanley Waters” Review

CRIMINAL MINDS "Hanley Waters" Season 6 Episode 20 – Last week I was perplexed because of the lack of trauma displayed within the unit regarding Prentiss’ death. This week we got plenty of exposition in the form of a weird therapy session conducted by Hotchner, but it was completely ineffective.

The quasi spiritual/intellectual quote given at the start of the episode, about how a man who does not grieve is nothing (I’m totally paraphrasing here) was clearly not fully understood by the writers of this episode. A therapy session is not sufficient to convey the loss of a dear friend, or, as Rossi put it, asort of surrogate sister/wife. It’s not enough to say "I’m sad" and then get on with life. The team should have been effected by Prentiss’ death. Their grief, their sense of loss, should have impacted the way in which they investigated cases. They were not affected by Emily’s death. Read More...


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