OFF THE MAP “There’s a Lot to Miss About the Jungle” Review

OFF THE MAP "There’s a Lot to Miss About the Jungle" Episode 13 – I know that the outlook for this show isn’t very good, which really sucks because this season finale sure left us with a lot of storylines up in the air.

First of all we’ll start with my favorite character. Mina has gone through the most changes this season and in this episode she may have gone through the biggest of all – she found faith. She and Ben are driving Ryan to the hospital when they come across a truck load of young girls who’ve been in an accident. It’s moments like these that are making me think that maybe these people should never, ever leave the clinic. I mean seriously has anyone ever had worse luck? Every single time any of them go anywhere, they stumble across people with massive injuries involved in terrible accidents. But as this one ended happily, I guess I’ll let it go this time.

Also, when speaking of Mina I can’t of course not mention the fact that Tommy finally grew a set and declared he loved her. We never got to see her response (other than surprise), so who knows what she’s going to say? Read More...


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